What is AI Marketing? Your Complete Guide

WPP Plans to Use AI Investments to Boost Sluggish Sales Growth

how to use ai for sales

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how to use ai for sales

Sales team members don’t have enough technical skills to use AI effectively, resulting in frustration and lower adoption rates. Some sales team members may reject changes, making it hard to get buy-in for new AI-based tools and techniques. As said above, striking the right balance between human and AI interaction is essential.

Send messages or use templates to chat with the AI assistant

Despite being an integral part of the job, many sales managers don’t have enough time to coach their reps. As a result, sales reps lean on pitches that fall short – until now. AI tools can analyze vast amounts of data and make smart decisions, draw patterns, and make quite accurate predictions. This proactive approach will enable businesses to offer solutions tailored to individual customer requirements, often before the customer has even identified a need. When considering the adoption of an AI tool for sales, it’s also crucial to have a clear set of criteria to ensure the tool aligns with your business needs and values. With AI systems processing vast amounts of data, there’s an increased risk of cyberattacks and data breaches. A prominent logistics firm recognized the rapid pace at which AI technology is evolving.

In fact, when used well, AI makes salespeople’s jobs more enjoyable and enable them to focus on the most rewarding parts of their job. However, this concern can sometimes cause resistance to adopting AI tools. While AI can be extremely helpful for your sales team, it’s not a cure-all. There are certain challenges and limitations to keep in mind, including the following. AI will analyze your sales reps’ actions and leads will be analyzed to suggest the next best action. No one wants to waste time on email setting up a demo, when they could be closing another deal.


Given the accelerating complexity and speed of doing business in a digital-first world, these technologies are becoming essential tools. In the business world, where artificial intelligence looks like a number one trend, it looks like a crime not to apply it to your sales process. In this guide, I tried to provide you with the basics of why you need AI, what you can do with AI tools, examples of these services based on different goals, and best practices.

how to use ai for sales

It’s the moment of understanding your company goals and setting priorities. Despite the enormous benefits your sales team can gain from implementing AI sales solutions, I can’t help but mention the risks waiting for you in the way of AI-boosted sales automation. Additionally, AI can perform sentiment analysis and predict future sentiment trends based on historical data and customer behavior. For email outreach, AI can customize email subject lines, content, and even send times, taking into account recipient behavior and past customer interactions. In fact, the role of AI in business processes is now hard to underestimate. Now that you know about AI applications in sales, you can read more about these applications in our section on AI in sales.

ways generative AI will improve sales

Marketers can expect to see a rise in AI usage for making predictions based on unorganized data. They’ll also learn to rely on first-party data to guide generative AI to produce customer-focused outputs that align with their brand. I see a challenge going back to personalization, ensuring that it sounds legitimate and doesn’t feel like a mass AI-enhanced outreach campaign.

how to use ai for sales

Understanding your goals can help point you in the direction of the right tools. With this data, AI tools can identify the most promising leads for sales reps to focus their time and attention. Lead scoring is another example of how AI tools can enhance the person-to-person work of sales professionals. Generative AI can analyze historical data and identify correlations that predict how likely a lead is to convert. On top of that, AI’s advanced reporting and analytics capabilities enable in-depth and real-time insights into campaign performance. With the power to automate tasks and streamline processes, you can handle larger workloads without additional operational burden.

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These tools use advanced algorithms to score leads on a variety of factors, like past interactions, demographics, company size, and more. With a more robust lead scoring system, your team can eliminate any bad leads, focus on the most promising ones, and create accurate forecasts. AI aids in lead generation how to use ai for sales and qualification by analyzing vast amounts of data to identify patterns and characteristics that signify potential customers. It assesses lead behavior, engagement metrics, and other factors to prioritize and qualify leads, enabling sales teams to focus on prospects with higher conversion potential.

6 generative AI tools to consider for marketing and sales – TechTarget

6 generative AI tools to consider for marketing and sales.

Posted: Mon, 11 Sep 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

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