The 4 Best HIPAA Compliant Accounting Software in 2023

NetSuite comes with a variety of features, including financial management, CRM, and human capital management. It also allows for integrations with a range of external tools and platforms, making it easier for healthcare organizations to streamline their operations. These include Salesforce for customer relationship management, Box for document management, and BambooHR for human resources.

  1. To decide which one will work best for your organization, you’ll need to decide which additional features beyond core accounting are important to you.
  2. Its ability to generate granular, in-depth financial reports sets it apart from its competitors.
  3. Nick Gallo is a Certified Public Accountant and content marketer for the financial industry.
  4. Additionally, its integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR) software ensures smooth data flow and minimizes manual data entry, enhancing accuracy and speed.

This software, be it cloud-based or on-premise, streamlines the entire process, handling both receivable and payable accounts while providing clear messaging to payers. These systems offer a wide range of features including invoicing, payroll, reporting, and revenue cycle management, aimed at simplifying complex financial tasks. HIPAA compliant accounting systems are mostly used by small to mid-sized medical practices, clinics, and allied health professionals. These systems may be marketed as generic accounting systems that are HIPPA compliant, medical practice management solutions, or medical billing software.

Benefits of HIPAA Compliant Accounting Software

Thanks to the innovative invoicing tool from FreshBooks, you can send invoices in just a few clicks. To get the most out of this feature, customize your invoice template with your business’s branding materials. Ben Aston is an online media entrepreneur and founder of Black & White Zebra, an indie media company on a mission to help people and organizations succeed. Cash basis accounting is generally easier to manage and requires fewer accounting resources. Manually calculating payroll can lead to errors in deductions and can cause you to incur penalties. Using Payworks helps save you a significant amount of time, and it also helps you calculate payroll deductions for each employee and remits them automatically to the CRA on your behalf.

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Many organizations look to make sure they are HIPAA compliant to avoid having to deal with any imposition of penalties as laid out from the HITECH Act. You’ll want to have a strong relationship with your HIPAA compliant accounting software vendor. Anytime a new software functionality is developed or an update occurs to your accounting system, you know you’ll have a dependable person you can rely on to explain how it affects your compliance concerns. In addition to being user-friendly, NueMD is one of the most customizable HIPAA compliant accounting solutions on the market. For example, billing reports can be customized, and account info can be accessed on-demand. It also has a number of templates that make clinical documentation easy; these templates can be customized easily and pre-populated with the provider, client and billing details.

For example, variable analysis is one great way to identify extraneous expenses and improve your overall profitability. It involves creating budgets for your expected costs, comparing them to your actual numbers, and investigating the differences. Whatever you can do to optimize your accounting from the start will pay dividends indefinitely, so be as diligent as much as possible from day one. Preventing accounting problems from occurring is much more effective than fixing them later. Each criterion was assigned a score and compared among the whole set of provider reviews. In total, we reviewed over forty providers to come up with this list of the five best.

This includes creating and interpreting critical financial documents such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. These documents provide a comprehensive view of the practice’s financial health, showing assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, and cash flow. Kareo is designed to simplify billing issues and improve the efficiency of your staff. The solution comes with such capabilities as performance reporting, fee schedule management, posting and claims processing, patient statements, and remittance and payment posting. Additionally, users can leverage the solution to maintain accounts and accounts receivable, monitor bills and financial ledger, process electronic billing, and manage patient databases.

As someone deeply involved in the healthcare industry, I understand that managing finances and communicating effectively with insurance companies can be a complex task. This program is one of the top accounting software on the market, and it can help your medical practice manage its bookkeeping, track profitability, manage bills, and organize your records. It is a cloud-based accounting software that is great for managing smaller medical practices. It allows you to access your financial data while on the go and gives you the ability to collaborate with your team members, bookkeepers, and accountants from anywhere. Choosing the best medical billing software starts with understanding the needs of your medical office. Top software makes getting an overview of the health of your medical practice easy with reports and analytics.

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Errors in coding can lead to claim rejections or denials, affecting the revenue cycle. In the health care industry, where adherence to stringent data privacy standards is mandatory, especially under regulations like HIPAA, these systems can still keep your patient data safe. Open-source applications have transparent and easily accessible source codes, enabling medical organizations of any size to effortlessly copy and use them.

As a result, the accrual basis is much better at matching revenues with expenses and accurately representing your business’s financial situation. The bottom line is while it is possible to use QuickBooks Online in your medical practice, patient health information must be de-identified and protected. HIPAA compliance is a core focus of NueMD, which offers strong encryption and strict access controls to protect sensitive data.

They automate front-desk jobs, like billing, scheduling and reporting, and also provide a range of functionalities to create personalized dashboards, ensuring smooth and tailored daily operations. Neither is inherently superior, but the accrual basis is generally better suited to medical practices. Fortunately, modern cloud-based software solutions can automate many of the most time-consuming aspects.

Common challenges of medical accounting

Open-source practice management solutions stand out as robust platforms, providing a compelling alternative for practices dealing with financial constraints. The sheer complexity of medical practice accounting makes software essential for healthcare providers. For example, medical coders make mistakes, patients fail to pay their bills, and insurance companies reject claims. As a result, medical practices must establish even more efficient systems for tracking and organizing data.

While you’d probably prefer to focus on providing healthcare services to your patients, you can’t afford to ignore the business side of your operation. Healthcare organizations may choose to supplement their existing medical billing software with a more robust accounting platform if the billing system lacks core accounting features. Buyers purchasing best-of-breed or standalone software accounting software for medical practice should first ensure the product integrates with the existing software in place at the organization. In conclusion, selecting the best medical accounting software involves a careful consideration of several key factors. From core functionality to specific features and usability, each aspect plays a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of a tool for your medical practice.

I chose NetSuite because it provides a comprehensive suite of applications that can handle everything from finance and accounting to patient and human capital management. This comprehensive approach is why I deem it the best tool for holistic healthcare management. MedEvolve offers a flexible pricing model which starts at $250 per provider per month, providing a reasonable solution for practices of all sizes. Payroll management is a significant component of medical accounting, involving the processing of salaries, wages, benefits, and taxes for employees. It also includes managing contracts for freelance or contracted medical professionals. The solution comes complete with billing, scheduling, accounting, and practice management capabilities.

Additionally, coding inaccuracies can lead to underbilling or overbilling, both of which have significant financial and legal implications. Accrual accounting can be more resource-intensive, often requiring experienced accounting staff or external accounting services. If the practice requires detailed financial analysis and forecasting for growth planning, accrual accounting can provide a more comprehensive view of financial trends.

The biggest advantage Sage Intacct has over solutions that were built with the healthcare industry in mind is it’s powerful reporting capabilities. This lets healthcare providers get a deeper insight into their financial info by analyzing trends and identifying opportunities for improvement. For example, Sage Intacct can segment revenue by department, location, or physician–providing valuable insights for resource allocation and budgeting. At FreshBooks, we’re obsessed with giving healthcare business owners exactly what they need in order to take control of their accounting and bookkeeping.

The open-source model also provides the advantage of using the latest technology without the burden of exorbitant expenses. This affordability makes this software type an attractive choice for those seeking cost-effective yet technologically advanced solutions. They offer a combination of automation features, customization options and internal staff collaboration tools to reshape medical facilities’ conventional approach to routine clinical and admin tasks. You are responsible for the payroll of your receptionists, practice manager, physicians, and everyone in between. Regardless of the size of your practice, you should enlist the help of a payroll software program like Payworks to help manage your payroll. It automates your payables process by allowing you to easily schedule your payments to vendors and sends the payments electronically with your approval.

CentralReach is a specialized medical billing software and practice management system that focuses its clinical platform on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapies. This means it is the perfect system for practitioners treating autism and other related cognitive disorders. Conversely, cloud-based accounting software is hosted remotely on the vendor’s servers. Healthcare organizations pay a recurring monthly or annual subscription fee which allows them to use the software for that amount of time. The fee includes the cost for support, maintenance and upgrades supplied by the vendor.

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